I Finally Have Merch!

I've been teasing y'all via Instagram Story but the Alter Ego tee is finally here. Alter Ego is the name of my first ever mixtape I ever put out on the internet and also is a testament to my identity as Mikkoh. This tee features art by two of my favorite artists: Sage Guillory and Trysen Kanehige. Much love to these talented homies for making this possible. Please check out their work because these guys are going places! This tee is available in black and navy and will only be available for purchase until April 6 so get 'em while you can, folks!

Also, big thank you to Leigh and the team at Everpress for making this happen. For my fellow underground "starving artists" please check out Everpress! They are a printing company based in the UK dedicated to supporting local artists who may not have funds upfront for merch.