My First Boiler Room Experience

Holy shit. It's actually been about 3 weeks since my first BR set in Seoul but it still feels like a dream. If you are familiar with the underground music scene, you know how big of a milestone this is.

To be perfectly honest, I was so nervous during my set I couldn't really shake off my nerves until I finished. On top of being live streamed to people all across the internet, this was literally my 3rd performance ever using CDJs by myself (I actually had to bring my USB to Guitar Center to practice because nobody in Atlanta owns CDJs smh let's get with the program here guys). I actually kinda left my set feeling a little down because I felt like I could've prepared better and knew that wasn't my best set in terms of transitions and flow. 

But as soon as I finished, I was met with nothing but warmth and pure love from old and new fans wanting to get to know me and take a picture with me. Not gonna lie, I may have shed a happy/grateful tear or two in the club. 

It was all a learning experience. I was doubting myself even though throughout my set, I could hear and see affirmations from the crowd. Everyone in there was so open and receptive to all the different genres of music I played so thank you Seoul for accepting me with such open arms. Thank you Gennaro, Skinny, and Trevor from Boiler Room and Tyler from Budweiser for being so accommodating. Thank you for curating this all-girl DJ line up and creating more opportunities for women in dance music. Thank you to all my friends who came out and all the new friends I made out there. I'm dying to go back already!

Pssst! You may hear the backing track on this interview sometime again soon. *wink wink*